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the pool of rebirth
the moon shone across the tree tops, it's silver glow rolling off of the leaves. the silver light stretched far into the depths of the trees, a well that glowed so brightly that it captures all light around it, lays at the end of it's path. a small soul sat by the edge of this pool of light, and watched eagerly as the moon light made it's way to the glowing surface of the water. as soon as the light connected, the young soul held out their hand and let the light pool into their hand like water. it's silvery glow grew brighter as the soul bent down to take a drink of the streaming light that lay like a liquid in their hand. when their lips touched the pooling light, their body quickly decayed and blew into wind as a cheerful group of dark red cherry blossoms.
this short paragraph was meant to be a short but well detailed description of the pool of rebirth. often called the pool of moon light, the pool of rebirth is a mythical thing in the mortal world but an ever real one in the demon w
:iconcraziefuzi:craziefuzi 1 1
You wake up with blood on your side; a cross is in your hand, and a gun on your shoulder. You are in a forest where the smell of gunpowder is fresh in the air.
You wake up to your mother yelling at you to do something with your life. You know what she wants. It doesn’t matter that it’s your birthday, it matters that you are old enough to enlist.
You get up, everything is a blur. You’re dizzy, you stumble, and your wound opens. You head to the clearing nearby.
You take the bus to the enlistment center. It was this or to listen to your mother’s complaints even more, talking about how you are such a shame for the family for wanting to be an artist, not a hero. You know it was going to end up like this; you were going to get drafted sooner or later. You go to get away from your mother, you go away for your grandfather who died for this country, for your father who went missing in action.
You see the endless amount of blood go down your uniform as fallen soldiers sur
:iconitotie:Itotie 3 2
Chained Blades Part 2: The King's Little Angel
‘More innocents dead…’ The woman thought as she walked beside her King as they walked away from the scene.
The King Adrian, whose name was known throughout all the lands, looked at the gorgeous young lady next to him, wondering if she regretted embarrassing him in front of his people.  He doubted it, while she would have despised that he called the girls worthless, she liked killing people.  It was what he trained her to do, and he knew that she relished and enjoyed it most of the time.
“Angelica, my angel, what did you think about the village, do you think their unrest will cease now that their little girls are dead?”  King Adrian asked, trying to see if she betrayed any emotion with her answer.
She did not answer right away, taking great consideration before speaking.
“For now their unrest is settled.  That’s all you care about, correct my Lord?” She said in a matter of fact tone.
“Of course! All uprising must be crushed before w
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 2 8
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
And You Don't Know What To Say -
Don't Shrug Your Shoulders, Giving Up Hope
Leaving It For Another Day
For Life's Wake Is Short, Don't You Know
There May Be No Words To Hear -
As You Place The Flowers, Shed Your Tears
Upon The Earth Holding Someone So Dear
Your Mind In A Daze, Emotions On Fire
Wishing You Could Turn Back Time -
As You Gaze Upon A Loved Ones Grave
Memories Of When Everything Was Fine
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
Don't Leave It For Another Day -
With Love In Your Heart, Hug Them Close
It's All The Words You'll Need To Say
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 89 40
Natures Tears Splash To The Earth
To Flowers And Trees They Offer Birth
Soil Caress The Warmth Of The Sun
Life's Mysteries Which Gaia Has Won
Creation Stirs Behind The Veil Of Time
Bringing Forth A New Era That Of Mankind
Though But An Ember In Natures Fires
None Has Such Strange Whims And Desires
The Candle Flickers, The Flame Dies
The Innocent Child Softly Sighs
Knowing No Shadows In Life's Light
Free From The Darkness Of Human Plight
Delicate In Thought Like Threads Of Silk
Weaved And Adorned With Gaia's Milk
Purity Of Spirit Is What Was Meant To Be
And Such A Child Shall Live For Eternity
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 48 29
Once There Was Love; Once There Was Joy
Emotions Now Shattered Like An Old Broken Toy
Confused And Dazed, Wondering Why
Soul In A Turmoil Just Wishing To Die
The Brightest Day Now Shadows Of Night
Infecting The Heart So It Sees No Light
Thoughts Entombed By What's Been Said
A Loved One Lost At Twilights Ebb
Guided By One Whose Words They Believe
Not Seeing The Venom That Flowed To Deceive
The Only Hope Now Is To Pray To The Light
To Guide Them Back To All That Is Right.
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 68 17
If We Would Only Love
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
Then Mankind Would See A Better Life
Void Of Evil Greed And Strife
The World Would Be A Beautiful Place To Live
If We Would Only Learn To Give
Instead We Take And Desire Of Things
Not Blessed By HIM Who Love Did Bring
HE Came And Said My Brother Man
Accept This Gift From The Golden Lamb
Some Did Listen To The Words HE Said
Others Did Laugh And Turned Their Head
As They Nailed HIM To A Cross Of Wood
Still HE Blessed Them As Only HE Could
The Years Have Passed Since That Holy Day
When HE Walked The Earth Taking Sin Away
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Then Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 61 43
Emotions Flowed Like A Raging Fire
As I watched The Birth Of Dawn
Softness And Beauty Of Stars Had Past
My Heart Still Heavy And Forlorn
My Spirit Was Ebbing I was About To Go
When Something Caught My Eye
A Solitary Cloud So Pure And White
Appeared From Way Up High
My Eyes Now Ember With Rising Sun
Saw An Amazing Sight
Within Its Fleece A Golden Glow
And A Butterfly Took Flight
Such Beauty I Had Never Seen
It Sat Upon My Hand
And Said To Me In A Voice So Soft
I Was A Spirit Of The Lamb
My Soul Was Open My Heart Poured Forth
It Listened With Silent Embrace
And When I Had Finished It Smiled At Me
With Serenity, Peace And Grace
Moments Of Silence As We Shared The Dawn
Then It Whispered It Was Time To Part
And As It Began To Fly Away
A Sudden Lightness Filled My Heart
I Watched In Joy As My Newfound Friend
Returned From Whence It Came
My Fears And Sorrows All Had Been Taken
By The Butterfly With No Name
Had I Seen The Truth Within The Cloud
I Would Have Witnessed A Wondrous Sight
For The B
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 69 34
Listen To The Whisper
Listen To The Whisper Of The Eternal Wind
As It Gently Touches Your Ear;
Guiding You Through The Forest Of Life
Your Friend; Your Companion; Your Seer.
Listen To The Whisper Of Verdant Leaves
Adorning The Sentinels Of Earth;
Silently Watching The Passing Of Time
Its Beauty The Blessing Of Birth.
Listen To The Whisper Within The Heart
Where Soft Emotions Caress Its Beat;
Let Its Wisdom Flow Right Over Your Soul
And Dormant Love It Will Entreat.
Listen To The Whisper, All Three Of Them
Embrace And  Entwine Deep Within;
And When They Merge Within Your Soul
A New Pathway You Will Begin
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 59 42
Angel Tears
Imagine a raindrop is an angel's tear
Falling from heaven on Gaia's mortal fear
Weeping in unity their children's lost soul
Heaven's pure spirit evil now doth control
Eden of rapture consumed by time's flow
A lost utopia where gluttony doth grow.
Alluring serpent's lair humans covet the bait
Devourer of truth so poisoned with hate
Innocence now lost in maelstrom of desire
Purity long blackened by greed's hungry fire
The spirit debased evil darkens the heart
The nefarious abductor tears the soul apart
The moment approaches the farmer shall reap
Love now eternal for faithful lost sheep
Gnashing of teeth those left in despair
Time now elapsed for repentance and prayer
Renounce the darkness and take gentle heed
Embrace the truth be the Lamb's seed
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 47 9
Find The Dream
Search deep within your heart, deep into the darkness where faded dreams are kept. Don't give up; the one you are looking for is there somewhere. When you find it, hiding in a corner weeping at lost years, don't leave it there; it's scared and hates the darkness. Lift it gently into the light and watch it transform into a brighter wiser dream than it once was.
You see the darkness taught it the wisdom of why it fell to where all faded dreams go
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 25 7
Senca, prologue
the year 2528 APD 3rd Licra, Phorha, capital city.
A young girl walked through the shopping people. The wind played with her thin, black hair. Her deep green eyes flashed nervously around. She wore a cute little dress, it was pink. Senca growled, she hated the color pink. But this time she had to wear it, to escape from the many guards of the earl she'd just killed. Senca pulled her bag higher on her back. In that bag were her valuable possessions. Deadly possessions and magical possessions.
After a short walk she ducked into an alley. Senca opened her bag and pulled out an glowing red stone. She used the stone to knock on the wall. An invisible door moved aside, and Senca stepped quickly inside. Behind her the door silently closed. 'Finally home' ;she sighted.
Senca quickly changed her clothes. First of all, she tied an purple stone around her arm, one little crack marred the stone. It was her promise stone. Senca made a painful smile at the crack, If you break a promise while wearing
:iconmariekesmit:MariekeSmit 2 17
Mature content
Hell on Earth :iconshadowspirit07:shadowspirit07 5 3
Chained Blades Part 1: My Lord...
The hush fell over the crowd when a person in a hooded cloak walked up to the king.  The crowd stared at the figure in awe and fear.
"You called my lord?" says the figure as they bowed.
"Yes, I did.  I need you to bring someone to me."  He said in a loud voice, so the crowd could hear.
"Who my lord?  Will they come easily or will they provide some amusement?"  The figure said the last part with a smirk.
"They will provide slight amusement, but they will cave quickly." said the king.
A slightly annoyed look came upon the figure's face, not liking the fact that she wasn't going to get a lot of fun out of this mission.  
"Who is it my lord?"  She said calmly, though clenching her teeth.
"A person you know very well I believe…" The king said slowly, holding the suspense.  "Derik."
No one was able to see the look of pure hatred on the figure's face as she stared at her master underneath the hood. 
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 1 10
The Lost Hero Part 1: The Unknown
A faint symbol on his hand… that was all he had.  He remembered nothing, not who he was or what that strange mark was on his right hand.  He looks about his surroundings and sees nothing but a barren wasteland, a desert, for as far as the eye can see.  He is surprised that he knows what a desert is but not anything about himself.  The harsh sands whips at his face, blinding him as he unsuccessfully tries to find something, anything that will protect his eyes from the whipping sand.  The sandstorm halts for a moment and he finds a piece of cloth, then looks around for something sharp to create slits in the cloth so he can see and still protect his eyes.
Surprisingly, he has a sword at his hip, a blade with a mysterious blue handle.  It seems familiar to him as he gripped the sword, as if he had used this sword many times and his hand remembered even if he does not.  Using the sword, he cuts slits in the cloth the
:iconzelink4everandever:zelink4everandever 11 7
Spring Haiku
Flowers are awaking
after a long sleep in the winter bed
open eyes to new world
:iconyousra-a:Yousra-A 0 0


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